viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2008


JOCE is an ant, which in fact is not a normal ant therefore have multiple personalities, not himself, but that emerge from it, in fact, his planet is thousands of times him.

HORMIGUERO GALACTOSE, is his world, a multicolored world, with entries by many sides, JOCE is unique in the Universe, because it is good and evil, gathered in one (actually several him), has many, many years, almost since before Dinosaurs of our planet Earth will never be old (or so we believe), is cheerful, optimistic, sincere, philosopher, super-hero, and everything in a single ant.

Before you say "But so is not written that name" I know, this personeje was created in 2004 and his name was to unite the initials of the names of four of my companions in the Normal School of Peace in Bogota, Jhon Oscar, Cesar, Ezneider. They were my combo throughout that year, they were always there despite the problems that we might have, despite adversity, THANK YOU FOR THAT.

Today I have not had any contact with them, but thanks to this picture and always remember the hope that they are well, a abrazote and all my energy good for you.

Carlos Eduardo Ramirez Torres


Hello to all cyber visitors who pass through here, this first message is to welcome you to this, my space is built with limited patience and joy that it deserves, just for you, to appreciate my work and I let their views.

This space will go slowly climbing my work, my pictures, my comics, my crecaiones, which are a fusion of my training as an artist and as a person, and I hope that this space is to their liking and also hope their comments on my drawings and work that eventually I'll rise to my blog.

Embrace a good and all my energy to everyone from my land

Carlos Eduardo Ramirez Torres